Our Vision

The mission of the FLO Foundation is to promote the FLO network as a worldwide record for storing information. The foundation supports decentralized applications that provide digital public spaces for the internet built on FLO. Embracing the fundamentals of the Nakamoto blockchain architecture, we believe that the future of free societies depend on decentralized systems and a transparent monetary policy.

Our intent is to provide FLO with the resources needed to maintain its position among the leading blockchains that will achieve these goals.

Why FLO?

1040 bytes
BTC Fork
5 years


Anyone can attach data to the blockchain, up to 1040 bytes per transaction, storing it permanently on the FLO network.


It is based on the Bitcoin (+ Litecoin) source code and therefore secured by the overall robustness of the protocol.


Forked from Bitcoin in 2013, a passionate team of open source developers have been perfecting FLO over the past 5 years. Amidst massive volatility in this sector, FLO has maintained consistent, stable development.



Alexandria is a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer system allowing content creators to share their work with their fans directly and get paid directly too.

Open Index Protocol

Build Dapps with OIP. OIP uses the FLO blockchain for the meta-data index and interoperable transport protocols for file storage/distribution and payments.

Caltech ETDB

The Caltech Tomography Database is a public repository of 11293 cryo-electron tomography datasets (tilt-series and reconstructions) of cells. These datasets were acquired by the…

Medici Land Governance

Medici Land Governance is using blockchain and other technologies to provide user-friendly, low-cost land administration systems. As a public benefit corporation, we pledge to…


tZERO has the potential to democratize, expand, and strengthen capital markets through the use of technology, with a focus on Blockchain technology.

Block Header

The Block Header newsletter features the most important bits of crypto news, daily.


The FLO blockchain is completely open source and has been lovingly crafted by a talented team of volunteer developers from across the globe. The FLO Foundation, a nonprofit registered in Hong Kong, was established to support the ongoing development of the FLO platform. We rely on donations to hire outsourced developers to aid the core team, who will need more and more support as the platform grows. If you like what we're doing consider making a donation.

Key Contributors

Joseph Fiscella

Lead developer of FLO and founder of BlockHeader

Devon James

Co-Founder of Alexandria and Inventor of the Open Index Protocol

Amy James

Co-Founder of Alexandria and Author of the Open Index Protocol

Davi Ortega

Caltech Electron Tomography Database enthusiast

Chris Chrysostom

Senior Developer of Medici Land Governance

Bradley Fink

Founding Member of FLO Foundation


Founding Member and Lead Designer of FLO Foundation